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Our Journey In a Nutshell

In early 2021, we came across the fact that Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the identities of Pakistan all across the globe. Not only that people love the aesthetic sights of pink salt lamps but they have proven to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

With a vision to offer complementary emotional therapy to our customers – we laid the foundation stone of Pink Salt Miners in the 3rd quarter of 2021. We began with retailing Himalayan pink salt lamps in Pakistan with a mission to become the largest exporter of all Himalayan pink salt products across the globe.

Today, every enthusiast of Himalayan Pink Salt in Pakistan knows about Pink Salt Miners. We aim to extend the popularity of our brand and therapeutic pink salt lamps of Pakistan all around the world.

How beneficial pink salt lamps are?

Research Claims These Benefits Of Pink Salt Lamps

Besides these therapeutic benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps,
they are considered to be a complementary therapy, not an alternative treatment.

Do better at your work place

Himalayan Pink Salt lamps help you improve your focus by increasing the amount of negative ions in the atmosphere.

Have a better sleep at night

Its warm light and negative ion therapy help your eyes and brain to enter into relax mode and have a better sleep at night.

Give your room a warm touch

Besides its therapeutic benefits, pink salt lamps are best known for giving your room aesthetic looks that are perfect for photography.

Treat your depression

Treat your Seasonal Affective Disorder with negative ion therapy that improves the circulation of your blood and releases Serotonin.

For International Importers

Pink Salt Miners is a Pakistani exporter of Himalayan pink salt products. You can import a range of pink salt products to your country including but not limited to salt lamps, edible pink salt, salt blocks, and much more!

Pink Salt Lamps

Import Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps of every design to your country at wholesale prices.

Edible Pink Salt

Import the finest quality of edible Himalayan pink salt in your country in startup-friendly prices.

Pink Salt Blocks

Import pink salt blocks at wholesale prices to your country and build therapeutic salt rooms.

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Why Choose Pink Salt Miners?

Husbands and online stores are known to overpromise but underdeliver. We only promise what we literally offer – no hidden T&Cs. 

  • Sunnah-Compliant Return Policy

    In Pakistan we have a saying, "Maza na aya to paisey wapis" (If you don't enjoy, take your money back). Our sunnah-compliant return policy is all about this!

  • Free Delivery All Over Karachi

    Our hefty product costs us several hundreds of rupees for delivery. However, for the ease of our customers, we are offering FREE delivery to our customers in Karachi.

  • Lowest Market Prices

    Go to Google and find a business that offers the same product in less price, you won't! I repeat, you won't! So, why go with the expensive options, you Elon Musk?

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